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What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

Anna Andrews explains the role of a Mortgage Broker.

A mortgage broker can help you navigate through every stage of finding and applying for a mortgage, to get the most suitable deal for your individual circumstances. We search the market to find deals that match your criteria.

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Aitana Financial Services

What Does A Financial Adviser Do?

Michelle Strelley explains the role of a financial adviser.

As a financial adviser I can offer so many things – a wide range of different products and services – and I can help with financial circumstances at different stages of a person’s life. Typical things are savings and investments, pensions, insurance, mortgages, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning or just support with family finances.

I’m here for someone at the start of their career where they might be thinking about saving to buy a house or setting up a pension, to later in life when they’re thinking about what to do with their retirement funds.

Everybody’s situation is so different, which is one of the reasons I love doing what I do so much. No two people are the same, so you don’t end up with the same result every time.

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